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Java Architect | On-site | Ortigas

Job description

​We are seeking a skilled Java Architect to define and integrate our client's software architecture. In this position, you will be in charge of updating or creating new architectural frameworks to support both existing and upcoming Java applications. Additionally, you will be involved in the integration of all Java-based applications and software design.

Java Architect Duties & Responsibilities

  • Participating in the project's architecture design, architecture development, core module design and code writing;

  • Optimizing system performance and tackle difficult problems to ensure stable, fast and safe operation of the system;

  • Participating in the formulation of code development specifications and technical standards, and review the system design and code quality of developers;

  • Arranging the refactoring plan reasonably, continuously improve the code quality of the product, introduce innovative technologies and innovative solutions for the team, and solve problems with innovative ideas

Java Architect Requirements:

  • More than 4 years of experience in Java program development, and more than 1 year of experience in Internet industry architecture;

  • Experience in distributed, high-concurrency, high-load, and high-availability systems;

  • Proficient in common distributed open source architectures such as Spring Cloud and Dubbo;

  • Proficient in MySQL, Redis, MQ and other databases and middleware, familiar with common methods to solve database load;

  • Familiar with Linux operating system, familiar with Shell script programming and common Linux operation commands;

  • Have good communication skills and good teamwork spirit.

  • Proficient in Chinese communication.

Job Type: Full-time

Schedule: 8-hour shift, Fixed shift, Monday to Friday